ABANDONCE is the neologism resulting from the combination of French words “abandon” and “abondance”. To abandon himself to the abundance of creation is precisely the aim and the modus operandi of Nicolas Jaoul artistic residency in San Miguel de Allende. The French artist has received a scholarship from the Mexican Agency for International Cooperation government to develop his project. ABANDONCE is the result of Nicolas’ work in San Miguel.

Nicolas has a predilection for drawing. He works with great precision and purity using pencil, gouache or felt-tip pen. He develops scenes, objects or characters and leaves visible large areas of the white sheet.

Jaoul likes to contemplate the incongruous in this world and in human doings. While elaborating his project, Jaoul referred to the Myth of Sisyphus, a symbol of irrational. Still, from Jaoul’s point of view, the absurd in life is not synonym of torment. To the French artist, irrationality is a source of joyful casualness, a good reason to playfully abandon himself.