The complex title of the exhibition, meaning Floating Station of Active Contemplation, describes the peculiar process of artistic investigation led by Taka during the last years. The artist has built a 2-floors wooden tower perched on plastic barrels, able to float on the quiet waters of mangrove swamps and to accommodate the artist himself. From up there, Taka has been able to render his observations of this fragile biotope.

The nature of mangrove where salty and fresh waters meet, where life grows both underwater and on earth, offering such a difficult access and yet suffering from human devastation, is revealed by the artist as a shadowy phantasmagoria, maybe an introspection.

The empathic relation between the landscape and the artist/contemplator is interfered by with components from society, leading to a reflection on ecology and the pace of time.

EFCA has first been presented at the Modern Art Museum of Trieste, Italy. Francisco “Taka” Fernández’ work is part of private collections such as the Jumex collection, The Mexican Museum of San Francisco, the Mexico National University MUAC Museum, and the PAMM Pérez Art Museum in Miami among others