“Economics of Complex forms” is based on the images brought to light by medical gears such as microscopes or functional magnetic resonance imagery. Yet, if those instruments are meant to show the objective reality of life, Adam Chamandy delivers in his paintings an interpretation, a fantasy of what could be biological elements – a blood cell? a bacteria? a tiny part of brain? -. Those objects bloom on the canvas like extravagant plants, claiming the viewer´s careful inspection of the pictures to realize they are painted with airbrush, dot by dot.

Adam Chamandy is the artist of meticulousness. His images are built by the accumulation of its smallest unit: the color dot, similarly to the pixel in a digital picture. Adam interrogates the making of images by machines: cameras, computers, photo editing software, printers, microscopes, x-rays or telescopes, those tools have transformed our representation of what we see. Under Chamandy’s vision, the real world is twisted by a computerized eye, calling up a hypnotic new pointillism.